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Activ Answer is the intelligent way to handle the routing of your after hours and emergency calls from your residents. After 25 years of perfecting and evolving our service to thousands of customers, we've learned a thing or two about ensuring your residents can connect with your staff in a time of need.

Key Features:

  • Works with Landlines  and VoIP
  • Super-fast Message Delivery—45 seconds or less
  • Live callback—connect with caller after listening to message
  • Records All Messages and Conversations
  • In-depth Call Reports
  • Basic and Advanced Schedulers for Managing On-call Rotations
  • Easy-to-use Management Portal
  • Emailed, Routable Office Notifications
  • 24/7 Activ Technical Support—we're here when you need us!

How Does Activ Answer Work?

Our automated answering service takes over when you can't answer or your office is closed. When your resident calls you, your phone will ring four or five times giving you the opportunity to answer the call. When you don't answer, the call connects to Activ and we provide a professionaly produced menu of options from which to choose. When a resident selects an option, Activ goes to work routing your call to the appropriate party. Upon listening to a message, the recipient may then do a live callback and speak directly to the resident. When you need to review calls, access our portal and get detailed information about each call. Add notes, email a voice message, or download a call to store for auditing purposes. We make it easy for your residents to connect with you and for you to manage your calls.

How Activ Answer Works

What About Live Answering?

Would you let a stranger answer your cell phone? Of course not. Callers to your Activ Answer service are always handled the same way and messages are always directed to the right person at your property. Our automated system will help your residents determine if they have an emergency requiring the immediate attention of your on-call staff or if a message for the office is more appropriate. Activ can either take a message and immediately relay it or connect the caller directly to your on-call staff. No matter how well-trained a live answering service may be, they will never be as knowledgeable about your property as the people who work there every day. And, if a property-threatening emergency occurs, Activ Answer will notify you faster than any live answering service on the planet.

Does it Work with VoIP?

We're glad you use a VoIP phone system. It saves your property a lot of money on long distance. However, VoIP is limited because it can't dynamically route calls for your after hours and emergencies.

With VoIP, any time you want to forward to a different number you have to log into your phone system's software and remember what steps you need to take to make the change. Even worse is trying to remember which sequence of buttons you need to press to make it work with the phone.

Activ Answer lets you enjoy the cost savings of using VoIP while still offering a robust call management and answering service. Our basic and advanced schedulers for managing your on-call notifications means you can basically set it up and let it run without having to make changes. When you do have changes, make them easily within our portal with just a few simple clicks.

Instead of forwarding an extension in your call tree to a staff member's phone, you forward that exension to Activ. We take the call from there by playing your script, taking a message and routing the call immediately to the person on-call for that extension.

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Activ, powered by Audio Images, has been proudly serving the after hours and emergency answering needs of multifamily communities for over 25 years.

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