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Our automated answering service picks up whenever you can't and connects your residents to on-call staff so that small problems don't become big ones. From message to dispatch in seconds, Activ is the fastest notification system in the industry. With our mobile app, the convenience of push notifications and direct response by automated SMS or live call back are just a tap away.

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Instant Notifications

No one is faster at notifying you of new messages. We email and call within seconds of an emergency maintenance message being left.

Live Callback

Return calls from the mailbox or mobile app. Personal numbers are not revealed--residents see the call as coming the community number.

Automated Responses

Send a text message to callers telling them you will either return the call during business hours, it's a problem you are already working to address, or that you are on your way to respond to their emergency.

Integration Partners

Activ integrates with leading property management software. From enriched call reports to always up-to-date contact information for communications, integration makes connecting with your residents simple.

Service Requests

Start a service request directly from a maintenance emergency call. Assign techs and manage workflow from start to completion. Track the time it takes to respond and resolve issues.

Advanced Scheduling

From schedules with one on-call on all day every day to the most complicated rotation, our scheduling system lets you create your schedule once rather than over and over each month.

Transcription and Translation

Every maintenance recording is transcribed and available in English and Spanish for your review and record keeping. Quickly assess the urgency of an emergency without having to listen to the message.

Real-Time Call Reports

See calls and messages as they come in. Use our advanced search feature to find important calls. Review every action taken on every message from the time the message is left to the time live callback is completed.

Easy Configuration

Whether your phone carrier forwards to us or you plug our emergency mailbox into your existing IVR, Actv can work for you. Even if you haven't established phone service, we can provide a number for prospects and residents to call.

Transfer to Live Leasing

When a prospect calls, we can transfer them to the 3rd-party live leasing service of your choice. We can also take a message and send it to your leasing team.

Corporate Access

Corporate staff can access all calls and messages for all properties. They can listen to calls, read messages, and see the status of every call. They can also make any needed configuration changes when property staff are away.


Reporting is available through the website and can be set up to be delivered to your inbox. Reports include call volume, call duration, call type, response time, and more.

Mobile App

Our mobile app is where you'll end up spending most of your time. It makes listening to and responding to messages incredibly easy. Push notifications take you directly to the message, so you can listen and respond in seconds.

Personalized Onboarding

When you sign up for Activ, we will schedule a one on one onboarding call to review how to get started with our service. We will help you set up your schedules, your users, and your call notifications to make sure you hit the ground running.

24/7 Support

Professional and experienced technical support is available 24/7. We are here to help you with any issue you may have. When you call or email us, you'll get the caring, dedicated, and competent support you deserve.

Resident Communication //

Powerful yet easy-to-use email and text messaging systems that keep you connected to your residents. Features like templates, targeting, tagging, image embeds, file uploads, and scheduled delivery give you the flexibility to communicate the way you want, when you want.

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Resident Messaging

Send SMS and email messages to residents. Use templates, targeting, tagging, image embeds, file uploads, and scheduled delivery.

Community Alerts

Send simple, effective alerts via both SMS and email with important updates about issues affecting your entire community.

Package Tracking

Check packages in and out with ease. Automatically notify and remind residents of packages waiting for them in the office.

On-Hold Marketing //

Every caller is a potential resident. Standard, canned voiceover talent and outdated music doesn't appeal to today’s savvy consumer. Create custom audio tours and reduce hang ups with Activ. We produce a custom script and match it to audio to match the vibe of your community.

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Integration Partners //

Activ integrates seamlessly with leading property management software. From enriched call reports to always up-to-date contact information for communications, integration makes Activ the simplest and most efficient platform for connecting with your residents.

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